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Subject: Re: FLASH: HELP!! Loading Movie into MC in FL4!
From: Karin Christensen
Date: Tue, 28 Nov 2000 19:10:00 GMT

I ran into this problem but it is fairly easy to solve. Many if not
most of the actions in the loaded swf need to have the mc instance
name included in the pathways. The easiest way to see where they need
to be is to test the movie (under control> test movie), then load the
swf and then select control, list variables. You will see lists of
the various pathways and it will have the mc name included. This
helps you know where you need to change the action scripting in the
swf for the drag and drop target actions. Be sure to make two copies
of the swfs since once you change the scripting it won't work unless
loaded into the movie clip. You may decide later you want them to
stand alone.
Hope this helps,

> I desperately need help with a problem that I need to resolve
> I'm developing a little interactive interface which loads various
.SWFs into
> a placeholding MC. I'm loading into the MC instead ofon levels so
that I can
> better control the placement of the loaded movie.
> The problem is, when the movies are loaded, I'm losing control of
some of
> the actions because they are targeted to that .SWFsmain timeline.
> Let me explain better w/ a little scenario:
> The interface is called Framework. Within Framework is a menu, a
text area
> and a movieDisplay area (very similar to the Product Catalog project
> Flash Magic - that's where I got this idea). The menu loads a little
> a snowman" game (snowman.swf) into the movieDisplay area
> Snowman.swf has lots of drag and _droptarget MCs in it. This is
where the
> problem is. I've defined the _dropTarget area in the snowman.swfs
> timeline and it's not recognized once loaded into the interface.
> How do I specify the _dropTarget area in my source file so that it's
> recognized when loaded into the Host movie?
> Thanks for any advice!
> TommyDAQ

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  FLASH: HELP!! Loading Movie into MC in F, Tommy D'Aquino

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