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Subject: Re: FLASH: site check
Date: Thu, 30 Nov 2000 19:52:15 GMT

I agree with most of that. Great job with the mic and the interface. The
size is weired. It's a little too long and it's also left justified. The
font on Internet group seems a little strance. I'm sure it's just the style
but at first I thought the 'p' at the end was cut off. I guess it's just
personal taste.

The slowness on the splash has got to be due to the alpha tween and any other
alpha characteristics you may be using and also due to the size. See if it
runs better without the alpha tweens. I hate that. I love alpha tweens
myself and I hate when they slow stuff down.

Tested in IE5, Athlon 600 224 Ram.


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I like the way you dissect the microphone and everything. The only thing
that might need to be changed is when you fly all of those words in the
beginning, it kind of slows down a bit... I'm on PIII 600 with 512MB ram and
it does it. Also, what size did you make the movie for? It doesn't seem to
fit in a 800x600 window well and then it looks weird once you're in 1280x
1024.... is it meant for 1024x768? Hope any of this helps!


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Subject: FLASH: site check

It's just a mock up for an internal site. Opinions? Suggestions?

Jeff Dunn
Multimedia - Design
Clear Channel Radio Online

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