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Subject: UKNM: RE: UKNM Digest V1 #236
From: Andrew Warner-Education
Date: Mon, 2 Aug 1999 13:03:06 +0100

Giles said:
"British Telecommunications plc has decided not to offer its ADSL
> high-speed data service, due to be rolled out in ten of Britain's biggest
> cities by March 2000 at a cost exceeding 250 million pounds (US$405
> million), as a retail package.
> "We will not sell this connection to end users," a BT spokesman said.
> "We'll wholesale it to people who want to bundle the connection with the
> content or the service." BT will, however, offer ADSL itself as part of
> corporate contract packages.

Umm - oh yes they will. It will be called BT Interactive and you can see the
kind of content offering they will have at http://www.btinteractive.com

At least that's what they said at the ADSL press launch last Thursday.

- - Giles "

>>>has anyone actually been to the URL http://www.btinteractive.com ?
Giles is quite right, it's the one that BT gave out in their bumph, but if
the content actually on that page, as of 10.45 today (Monday) is anything to
go by, this is their biggest rip off yet ;-)!! (a case of the emperor's new


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