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Subject: Re: UKNM: Revolution and Design week
From: Marcus Austin
Date: Mon, 9 Aug 1999 18:42:05 +0100

how about and ad in internet works web design section, it's cheaper and you
get a better response;-)


At 11:34 06/08/99 , you wrote:
>Dear NM people,
>We are going to run an ad in the Creative Portfolio (Revolution) and Design
>Week Web and Multimedia Design Book 99.
>I know its a bit late to post this question now.
>but I just wanted to know how good are they ?
>do you think they work better than trade shows?
>talking of trade shows why don't we have any good New Media trade shows in
>the UK?
>I am not referring to leads or sales just awareness.
>Chetan Damani
>Imano plc - Built for the Web
>Tel: +44 1923 210631

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  UKNM: Revolution and Design week, Chetan Damani

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