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Subject: Re: UKNM: Significant Event of the Year
From: Tim Hayward
Date: Thu, 17 Dec 1998 19:39:24 GMT

This is New Media. Most of us make unsubstantiated voodoo guesswork for
a living.

If I predicted that there would be a February next year it would take
most people until September to believe me, until October to act on it
and until the following June to pay for the information.

For what it's worth, the only prediction I'm currently giving my clients
for the premillenial year runs something like...

"There shall come a BEAST with the heads of nine ravening DOGS and a
smaller dog who is nicer and UPON its back shall RIDE a GREAT WHORE,
with twelve HAIRY breasts and a warm scarf. AND the HEAVENS will be
rent. AND a plague of BOILS and a sort of rash that isn't quite spots
but might be fungal and REALLY itches will be ABROAD in the land...

etc etc ad nauseam.

Mike Butcher wrote:
> >So, is anyone going to make some predictions for '99 - or are we going
> >to wait for Bill Gates to do that ... ?
> Send your predictions - one sentence only - and you may end up in NMA's
> first issue for the year.
> cheers
> Mike
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