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Subject: RE: UKNM: BT Unmetered access !!
From: Bunder, Leslie
Date: Wed, 8 Dec 1999 10:18:52 GMT

'Tis always a good idea to offer innovative pricing. This new service will
use an 0844 number, the question, how will the free ISP's make money??? Will
they now look to offer two models, the free via 0845, 0645 etc and also
offer a service that charges an extra fiver a month plus the new unmetered

Also, BT says it will allow Internet providers who don't have billing
systems to piggy back off them which should either mean yet more entrants or
consolidation of all thoase playing today...

Also, from reports, it doesn't look like this will be offered until Spring


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> Subject: UKNM: BT Unmetered access !!
> The latest (7th Dec'99) on BT unmetered access.
> http://news.bbc.co.uk/hi/english/business/newsid_554000/554072.stm
> BT have announced that they will be offering unmetered access from
> (monthly)
> 6.99 (off peak weekdays) 14.99 (off peak & weekends) & 34.99 (all day).
> The above is only available to BT customers and customers of ISP's signed
> upto the BT revenue share scheme. Those using Screaming.net etc. cannot
> benefit unless Screaming take up the BT revenue share deal or the user
> reverts back to BT as their main telecom provider ! New pricing is
> subject
> to regulatory clearance and if successful the new service could be up and
> running from Jan'00 SO THEY SAY....
> What say all of you ?
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  RE: UKNM: BT Unmetered access !!, Marcus Austin

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