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Subject: Re: UKNM: Delivery on a promise
From: Martin Phillips
Date: Fri, 10 Dec 1999 16:48:39 GMT

I work for a mail order company that sends out thousands of packets
and parcels a day, and we use the Royal Mail and Parcelforce because
no-one else can touch them on price across the whole country. As for
service, I'm not sure that others are much better than Parcelforce on
packets lost and damaged - there are lots who claim to be, but the
only ones who have better loss rates also charge so much more that
it's not economic.

On a wider issue, the e-commerce sites best known (ie Amazon,
Blackstar) provide a very good service because they hold huge stocks,
send out immediately and often by expensive carriers. The problem for
us mere mortals who are moving onto the web from conventional
mail-order is that we have to make a profit, so we can't compete.
Luckily I'm in a business where products are exclusive, but I'd hate
to work for a mail-order book company - how can they compete with
Amazon, who seems able to work without any hope of making a profit?

Martin Phillips
MBI (Danbury Mint)

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  UKNM: Delivery on a promise, david dobedoe

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