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Subject: Re: UKNM: e-purse
From: Manar Hussain
Date: Tue, 14 Dec 1999 00:18:02 GMT

If anyone has any experience of success with Cedilla we'd be interested in
hearing ...

At 04:20 PM 12/13/99 +0000, Dan Leighton wrote:
>There are stacks of them
>Secure Trading
>Barclays EPDQ
>All of these are European Based.
>Some of them do Purses - (Certainly WorldPay do a Micropayment solution
>which is similar)
>All of them do transaction solutions and they all have different ways of
>Try the .com and .co.uk variants for the addresses.
>If you want more info just shout.
> > Can anyone recommend any e-purse/online transaction solution companies
> > (UK/Europe based) ??
>Dan Leighton
>PSINet Europe
>Web Marketing Manager
>+44 1223 577615

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  UKNM: e-purse, Paul O'Donoghue
  Re: UKNM: e-purse, Dan Leighton

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