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Subject: Re: UKNM: Fresh Horses
From: chris
Date: Fri, 17 Dec 1999 12:12:23 GMT

At 12:47 16/12/99 -0000, you wrote:
>Any opinions of colleges and/or courses of significant worth?
>Who is turning out the best crop and why?

I've *some* previous experience in this area. ;)

Designers - most of the good colleges are churning out web-savvy students
whether they encourage it or not. The visionaries seem to be at the RCA,
and Middlesex's courses produce a good crop.

Coders - CS departments have major trouble hanging on to students who are
good at coding for internet applications - UCL's CS department has produced
some existing stars (step forward Stefan Magdalinksi) and continues to be
one of the best departments in the UK for research. It has excellent
industry links to people like Stephen Emmott and the NCR Knowledgelab.

Editors/Journalists/managers - Falmouth College of Arts in Cornwall runs a
journalism course that is heavily biased towards on-line Journalism - one
of their students won the Guardian Student Web Site category of the
Guardian Student Media Awards this year. I'm biased because I helped set
up the course. UCL also has the Xerox-sponsored MA in Electronic
Communication & Publishing. Again, I'm biased because I set up this
course. The new course-leader has changed it quite a lot so I'm not sure
precisely what the course covers now, but we tried to cram in everything we
could in the first year, from basic HTML and javascript to the cultural
impact of the web and future systems. I still believe the best
editors/project managers are people from non-CS disiplines who bring
prespective from another discipline to the web. The MA I ran at UCL was
intended to bridge the skills gap between completing an arts/humanities BA
and entering the industry.

Of course, the best way for everyone on this list to ensure that the
calibre of students meets their skills gaps is to talk to the courses and
give free lectures. Last feb I took 10 people to Falmouth for a week of
industry lectures, and I still lecture occasionally for free at UCL and do
external examining for the Oxford Brookes MA in Multimedia. It helps the
courses develop as they get a clearer picture of how the industry is
developing, and you get (sometimes) to pick of the cream of the students
before everyone else!


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