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Subject: Re: UKNM: AOL advertising
From: Dee Edwards
Date: Mon, 4 Jan 1999 14:54:15 GMT

> Luckily, like most on the list, I know enough to fix it

I must be in the minority! My home computer is completely wrecked. Any
kind offers?


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Date: 04 January 1999 14:25
Subject: RE: UKNM: AOL advertising

>Sorry I haven't experienced this personally, but at least four friends
>of mine have been put through it. Not a pretty picture.
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>> Subject: RE: UKNM: AOL advertising
>> Steve wrote:
>> | Final point, has anyone experienced a duff Freeserve installation
>> which rips out the whole tcp stack from the pc. Luckily, like most on
>> list, I know enough to fix it but can imagine <pc> Joe/Joanne Public
>> racking up those 1 minutes pretty quickly.
>> I installed Freeserve to check it out when it was first introduced.
>> My PC eventually crashed after Freeserve became tattooed all over my op
>> system.
>> Had to reinstall Windows. Joe/Joanne Public would have had to spend
>> close to 20 minutes on the helpline just to have a vague understanding of
>> what was wrong or get an answer deemd acceptable.
>> Have a great new year...
>> Manou Marzban
>> Director of Marketing - BiblioTech
>> 0171 460 4647
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