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Subject: UKNM: re: uknm: internet loyalty schemes
From: richard eddy
Date: Wed, 26 Jan 2000 12:15:06 GMT

electronics boutique - the high street software / games retail chain - launched its e-commerce site at turn of the year, integrating its high street loyalty card scheme (earn points on purchase / points = vouchers) . site users earn points when shopping online, added to overall points total which combines points earned online and in high street stores. eb (and sister chain game) are still only player in its market to have scheme like this; around 1.25million sign ups.

(btw: my co handles publicity for the eb store group. interest declared. job done).

richard eddy
rocket media
t: 0171 323 3340
f: 0171 323 4461

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i am trying to do some research on internet loyalty schemes. does anyone
know of any besides 'beenz' or 'ipoints'? any suggestions would be greatly

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