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Subject: [uk-netmarketing] RE: Row over crackdown on adoption websites
From: lee
Date: Thu, 25 Jan 2001 16:24:48 -0000

As lighthearted as your article was, Ray, I totally agree with you on a body that protects both the general public and the workers. It is prbably 3 years now since I first bleated on about an official 'Net body for complaints/ rules/ suggestions.
The reason that i haven't actually got off of my spotty butt is that I am english and generally we moan but want someone else to sort the problem out.

The main reason that I can't see anything being set up is because this would only cover UK legislation and ... well dduuuhhh - the Net is global!

I would be interested in a facility/ official body/ company that deals with teaching people from the general public and companies what the net really is about and how to really use it.
Okay, we are now seeing so called "internet access" in council offices and libraries but these only allow you to view council information and this work looks and performs UGLY!

Then again I would also like Apple to sponsor me as an Apple Evangelist, but we can dream.

Carol Vorderman is nothing but a brainy bint desperate for publicity and if she wasn't slightly good looking she would have been dumped years ago.
Her problem is that as she has got more famous more people have come into contact with her and find that she has turned ugly and self-centered.
That's my opinion anyway, based on the truth that some people are meant to be famous and can handle it and most people simply aren't and can't.

Of course - I fall into the first category!!!


>"Ray Taylor" <rayateyeconomy [dot] com> said:
>Carol Vorderman's Guide to the Internet, by Rob Young and Carol Vorderman,
>first published 1998, when I had the singular honour of writing a review of
>it. I probably still have the signed copy if anyone wants it. You have to
>admit to being a Carol fan on this list to get it though.
<snipped cos sam will want it that way>

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