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Subject: Re: uk-netmarketing digest: January 25, 2001
From: Tom
Date: Mon, 29 Jan 2001 12:31:23 -0000

Buystream analyses what your visitors look at once their on your site
Your prowess in implementyation is matched only by your speling.....

....and shows you where your site is preventing a sale rather than closing
And more importantly, if there's something you can do to attract better
sell higher-margin products or improve your closure rate Buystream will let
you know in clear language.
So let's get this straight - Buystream will only tell you about "real"
purchasers, (not people trying out the site, or whatever) but will tell you
HOW TO FIX EVERYTHING! Excellent! Well, that's all the design agencies
finished, then! We'll just shut up shop and go home. Tell me though, will
the language it uses be so "clear" that you'll be able to see right through

Tom Dussek

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