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Subject: Re: [uk-netmarketing] RE: RE: Blind Readers
From: Jon Clarke
Date: Tue, 30 Jan 2001 16:24:55 -0000


The relevant link to RNIB's site. You need to look half way down the very
long page for their info on this subject.

Jon Clarke


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Subject: [uk-netmarketing] RE: RE: Blind Readers

> >This also brings us to a next step in this thread.
> >if we assume, like browsers, there are different apps for reading html,
> we then have to build for different versions of these readers as well?
> >Can we be held responsible, legally, if one blind reader can access our
> >site fine but another has problems?
> This one is quite interesting. One of my customers has already had action
> brought against them under the Disability Act because the site was not
> accessible to blind users...
> As it turned out they were disgruntled customers of the traditional
> and were trying to cause as many problems for them as possible, but the
> customer did have to redesign the site with a clear link to the "blind
> friendly" version of the site.
> Because of this and other work in the NHS I've done quite a bit in this
> area, and can categorically say that 1) yes, the Disability Act does
> web sites and that 2) if you contact RNIB they will provide you with a
> browser called Opera - if your site is Opera readable you are considered
> have done enough to satisfy the Disability Act.
> Hope this helps
> Andy
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