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Subject: RE: [uk-netmarketing] RE: RE: Blind Readers
From: Ian Collingwood
Date: Tue, 30 Jan 2001 16:58:07 -0000

> One of my customers has
> already had action
> brought against them under the Disability Act because the site was not
> accessible to blind users...
Could you elaborate? Was the client an "ordinary" business or was it a
public sector organisation? If its just an ordinary business, then surely
the same law could be used to prosecute every single shop, office, bar,
restaurant and other place of business that doesn't have wheelchair
access/signs in braille/disabled access facilities etc.

Does the Disability Act really provide scope for prosecution of any business
that doesn't provide complete access to its services for ALL people in
society, or is it restricted to areas that are funded by government

Could any lawyers on the list give some input?


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