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Subject: UKNM: A new 'Freeserve' ...
From: Stephanie Gay
Date: Mon, 15 Mar 1999 17:45:26 GMT


There has been a few discussions on the list about what will be next after
Freeserve in the last week or so. Following Oftel's announcement, the
Freeserve model is likely to continue for the foreseeable future ...

We have just announced the launch of Unison FreeNet, organised by Poptel.
Unison, Britain's biggest trade union, is the first trade union in the
World to offer free Internet access to its members. From mid-April, the
union's 1.3 million members will be able to take advantage of the deal,
which includes a branded Internet service with e-mail addresses, web space
and phone support at 25p a minute. Unison are also developing a portal site
as part of the deal.

Unison's main aim is not revenue generation, but to enhance the way they
communicate, organise and build closer relationships with their members.

Channel Manager

Poptel Internet
The co-operative Internet provider with the mission to 'Connect, Inform &
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