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Subject: UKNM: How long is right
From: Geoff Inns
Date: Wed, 17 May 2000 15:45:09 +0100

Ajay Chowdury in Revolution! today:
"I've been with LineOne for a year and I needed a fresh challenge."
Strong words from someone at the level of MD with a company that size. How
often is it 'acceptable' to change jobs without seeming as if you are
bailing out before the results of your actions kick in?

Geoff Inns
Business Development Manager
Guardian Unlimited
- for about a 1.5 years now...

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From: Rupert Watts <RWATTSatMedicom [dot] co [dot] uk>
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Date: 16 May 2000 11:01
Subject: RE: UKNM: Boo.com's demise?

>I agree, I'd pay more for a reliable fulfilment service - I ordered a CD
>from Amazon at the same time as one from Jungle, on 26th April, Amazon's
>turned up within a day and a half, Jungle gave me a delivery date of 1st
>and I've still not received my goods a fortnight later, nor any sign of a
>refund despite 3 emails to their customer service team requesting
>I thought Jungle were supposed to have sorted out their logistical/supply
>chain problems...
>Rupert Watts
>Internet Business Development Manager
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