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Subject: UKNM: fw: uknm: re: uknm digest v1 #319
From: kate metcalf
Date: Thu, 25 Nov 1999 11:13:27 GMT

orange is not the only option - virgin mobile is also wap-enabled as well as
simultaneously operating its own proprietary virgin mobile advanced wireless
technology platform (vmawtp) which is a result of a close working
partnership with gemplus, the world's leading smart card solutions provider.
vmawtp is a communications infrastructure that pulls together multiple
applications into one killer technology platform. interacting with a
software rich, powerful sim card, this technology offers the widest range of
value added services as well as over the phone email and net browsing
kate metcalf

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> from: sophie rauber
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> to: kate metcalf
> subject: fw: uknm: re: uknm digest v1 #319
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> from: tom hume [smtp:tomatgoodtech [dot] co [dot] uk]
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> subject: uknm: re: uknm digest v1 #319
> at 11:31 pm 11/23/99 +0000, uknm digest wrote:
> >basically it's to allow web pages to be downloaded to a wireless device
> >(read mobile phone.) html web pages designed for a pc screen are not
> suited
> >to the four line display of a mobile phone. to be effective html pages
> need
> >to be translated into wireless mark-up language = wml.
> there's a bit more to it than just changing the markup language. whilst
> there are a number of products out there which translate "automatically"
> from html to wml (some of which do it quite well -
> http://www.argogroup.com/ do one which springs to mind), imho the
> limitations of phones (both in terms of display size and storage capacity)
> mean that you're looking at completely repurposing services for wireless
> devices instead of doing a straight translation. bear in mind the
> different
> usage patterns between mobiles and the web on top of this (web = browsing,
> mobiles = quick access to services) and rethinking even basic assumptions
> when doing wap apps looks much more sensible.
> maybe geoff can comment on this, as a major content provider who're
> providing a wap feed?
> >everyone and his brother is planning to do this - i'm looking for
> content
> >services that are already enabled.
> i guess orange are the guys to check out at the moment then, being the
> only
> network provider in the uk who are currently wap-enabled (with a "walled
> garden" service - vodafone and cellnet are on the other hand planning to
> take an open approach).
> tom
> ---
> good technology ltd.

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