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Subject: Re: UKNM: Re: Is the Mac coming back?
From: Paul Sanders
Date: Fri, 26 Nov 1999 13:06:16 GMT

statmarket uses javascript - and so is susceptible to the problems
you describe below. It measures what it measures and fucks up on what
it fucks up on in a remarkably consistent way.

However, my Mac Knowhere figures are up again, 1.1% of total in IE4,
6.7% on NS4, and a few random loonies to make up 8.2%

> > Has anyone else noticed the Macintosh percentage of their audience
> > climbing recently?
>StatMarket (http://www.statmarket.com/) only show about 3% of web users as
>being on MacOS, from a total daily sample of 34million. The chart of
>historical data for the year
>(http://www.statmarket.com/SMHT?c=OS_War&i1=Macintosh&m=30&p=327) shows very
>little change.
>If anyone out there has a decent size of access_log to hand, i'd be
>interested in knowing which percentage of Mac users use Netscape vs IE. A
>friend of mine (Disclaimer: Not someone working here, a friend back home)
>was working on a site recently which has a fair smidge of
>validating-fields-style Javascript on it. It worked fine in IE4+ and
>Netscape 4+ on Windows, but only in Netscape on Mac (IE didn't stop the
>user using the site, it just wasn't validating 100% accurately at the client

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  UKNM: Re: Is the Mac coming back?, Rod Begbie

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