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Subject: UKNM: Re: UKNM Digest V1 #285
From: aaa
Date: Fri, 15 Oct 1999 11:49:45 +0100

From: Anthony Appleby
Re: Domain names

There are several points here:
1. It may well be a scam for you to buy domain names, however,
.co.uk's are now 5 each so the price they are selling them to you
will determine the extent of that.
2. Copyright.
- For all the names you mentioned the copyright is clearly yours so
the punter would not get too far before expecting a court case, that
is provided he is in the UK. If he is in the US or somewhere you
don't have the name then bye bye names or hello big legal fees.
It would be much cheaper for you to buy them now - if that is you
want them.
3. Practical.
Do you want these names for any reason:
Here some reasons you might want them.
- search engines like names with names in them (if people
searched for hmv for instance)
- You can set up multiple entrances to your site and thereby get
more traffic and position your site to different audiences under each
domain name. (strategic play)
- You can reserve them for a rainy day when all domain names
have run out!
Reasons you may not want them:
- some of them may be a complete waste of time not spelling
anything useful or unlikely to be guessed at if you are looking for
hmv records etc.
- you can't afford them
- you don't want to be bullied
- If I were you I'd reserve *all* names that are realistically the name
of the company eg waterstonesdirect.com/co.uk, they are much
more useful in your hands as a forward thinking marketer than they
are in the hands of an aggressive competitor.
- I would also take the time to source domain names that reflect
the products you sell like books.com etc (obviously already taken
but that doesn't weaken the point I'm making).
- You don't have to reserve them through the guy asking you to,
although he may actually be helping you here.
Anthony Appleby

> Hi
> HMV and Waterstone's have been approached by a company called Business
> Serve, (PostCode LA1 1NN) who have detailed attempts by a 'hotmail user' to
> register twenty or so possible URLs with our business names in them -
> HMV-records.co.uk; Waterstonesdirect.com. They called me in response to
> having received all these name requests, and wondered if we would like to
> register them before the member of the public did. I have a couple of
> problems with this: One - if you want to register CocaCola and you can, why
> would anyone want to offer it to Coca-Cola for the same fee? Two: as a name
> buyer I'd go potty if a name I had registered an interest in was offered to
> someone else. Three: could this possibly be a scam to get me to panic and
> register a few names making the service agency several hundred quid? ;-)
> If any of you have had the same call about a James Hart, who has invested in
> 30 names (to my knowledge) to date, perhaps you might want to be suspicious
> - - this bloke is clearly a very wealthy man buying hundreds of speculative
> names...
> Thoughts?
> Jonathan Wilson
> Internet Business Manager
> Waterstones.co.uk

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