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Subject: RE: UKNM: More millionaires
From: Bunder, Leslie
Date: Fri, 15 Oct 1999 12:01:52 +0100

Steve Bennett of Jungle was already in millionaires row as he founded
Software Warehouse...

What about Jonathan Robinson at Netbenefit he's made a few pounds...

Just out of interest where did you get the figures from to say someone is
worth 50 million or whatever? You have to be careful where these figures
are based and what criteria the base is. Is it real money in their account
or the number of shares they have in their business or a mixture of both...


Leslie Bunder
Project Manager, TDL InfoSpace
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> From: Jo Chipchase[SMTP:joatcan-u-hack-it [dot] com]
> Sent: 13 October 1999 15:11
> To: uk-netmarketingatchinwag [dot] com
> Subject: UKNM: More millionaires
> Many thanks for all the replies to my last posting. It's difficult to
> compile an accurate list, because certain people were millionaires before
> setting up an Internet venture, and some of the people who appear on The
> Times' list are particularly questionable!
> Below is the list I'm playing with at present. Does anyone have any
> comments / additions (I'm not sure if Peter Wilkinson was a millionaire
> before Planet Online.)
> I'd be grateful for your feedback !
> Kevin Leech - Townpages.net & topjobs.net - 250m
> Jim Mellon - Bigsave.com - 220m
> Ben Hayman - Mediasurface - 200m
> Charles Nasser - ClaraNET - 150m
> Christopher Sharples - Digital River - 100m
> [Peter Wilkinson - Planet Online - 60m, of which 25m is from sale of PO]
> Paul Lindsey - The eXchange Holdings - 50m
> Nick Ogden - WorldPay - 50m
> Jason Drummond - VirtualInternet.Net - 42m
> Ajaz Ahmed - AKQA New Media - 40m
> Steve Bennett - Jungle.com - 40m
> Reserve place: Neville Buch - Gameplay.com - 40m
> Jo.

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  RE: UKNM: More millionaires, Jo Chipchase

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