Who's coming to Chinwag Live: Search vs Recommendation?

Right now, you can still book a ticket for Chinwag Live: Search vs Recommendation tomorrow night, Tuesday 2nd September, but we're closing bookings tomorrow morning.

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Piecing together the micro media puzzle

Mobisodes, music widgets, news via RSS. It seems companies are clambouring over each other to turn once new online services into the latest micro equivalent. What can we expect from all these rapid developments and what’s the next thing to turn “micro”?

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Chinwag Live: Media Widgetised

When you can get all your favourite bits of the web delivered to a feed reader or a personalised homepage, bypassing the "destination website" setup, what are the implications for brands, marketing and digital media?

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Date: 16 May 2007
Location: The Slug & Lettuce (Downstairs), UK