May 28: Follow The Money: Can The Business Of Ad-Funded Piracy Be Throttled?

Recent debates on infringement are increasingly focusing on the role of advertising in bankrolling unlicensed sites. Could this new focus create common ground between Big Tech and the content industries, and can the funding be stopped, even if the will is there?

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Date: 28 May 2013
Location: Fyvie Hall, University of Westminster, UK

Music 4.5: The death of collective licensing?

The Death of Collective Licensing? An investigative debate with startups, labels, publishers and artists.

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Date: 22 June 2011
Location: eOffice, UK

Music Rights: Inside & Out

A beginner’s guide to music copyright – everything you need to know about copyright law, licensing, monetising copyright, the fight against piracy and the future of the music rights industry. Please mention Chinwag when booking for a £10 discount on the cost of this course.

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Date: 15 June 2011
Location: UnLimited Insights, Shoreditch, UK

Music 4.5 Licensing Workshop

The Music 4.5 Licensing Workshop is created to stimulate a new productive dialogue between music-tech startups and the regulatory industry. The Workshop will feature Eric Mackay of CELAS, PRS for Music, Beth Appleton from Universal Music Group and Clive Gardiner from We7.

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Date: 29 June 2010
Location: PRS for Music (Boardroom), UK

How Not to Get Ripped Off

This seminar will offer a basic guide to the law, covering the steps any creative professional should take in order to stop somebody else stealing or otherwise using your work without your permission (including copyright, patenting, trade marks, licensing and design rights.)

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Date: 19 August 2009
Location: London College of Communication, UK