Blogging Workshop

Event Info

Wed 8 Oct, 2008 from 9:30am - 6:00pm
Manchester Digital Development Agency
Lower Ground Floor, 117 -119 Portland Street,
Manchester, M1 6ED, UK


KMP are partnering with How-Do to bring you a unique Blogging for Beginners Workshop. The half-day workshop will be hosted by KMP's blog expert, Paul Fabretti as well as journalist and blogger, Craig McGinty.

Blogging has come a long way since the early 2000's. Far from being just an online diary for early adopters, blogs have now become a mass media tool - an everyday way for millions of people to express themselves, publish their opinions and communicate with each other.

This presents many challenges for business. What happens if they are talking about you or your brand? How do you respond to what these people are saying? When and where do you respond? How can you measure all these conversations?
The KMP Blogging for Business workshop will:

* Give attendees a thorough overview of blogging and the technology behind it
* Explain why blogging has grown so quickly
* Show how other businesses have addressed online buzz
* Demonstrate how to take the first steps in business blogging
* Explain how you can define your blog topic, blog audience and understand how to speak to them

This isn't just a sit and listen seminar though!
Agenda (9.30 Start)

Paul will outline the morning’s program and practical activities.

Background to Blogging
We will look at where blogging has come from, why it is important and how can we monitor it.

Blogging for Business
We will look at how are other businesses using blogs to communicate with customers.

How do you find, understand and speak to your audience? We will show you how.

Practical Activities
Attendees now have the chance to put everything they have seen into practice.

Setting up a blog
We will be looking at getting you started and set up your first blog.

Creating posts
We will work with you to write your first post and insert links, images, video and tags. We will also look at the wide range of tools you can use to write your blog when offline.

We will look at easy ways you can promote your blog to tell others about your blog and the importance of categories and tags

Paul and Craig will be working with every attendee to create their own blog and provide hints and tips on how to take those important early steps.

At the end of the workshop, attendees will have a significant understanding of how and why their business should consider blogging as part of their communications strategy.