HTML5 Single-page applications with AngularJS

Event Info

Mon 8 - Wed 10 Dec, 2014 from 9:00am - 5:00pm
New Loom House
101 Back Church Lane London
London, E1 1LU, UK
Cost: £1795


Course outline

Day 1

The first day is a basic introduction with AngularJS and covers the following topics:

  • Overview of AngularJS concepts
  • Hello world!
  • Using Controllers, Scopes and View Templates
  • Two-way binding with ng-model
  • Using the built-in directives for dynamic views
  • HTML forms and form validation
  • Creating and using AngularJS filters

Day 2

The second day covers more advanced concepts:

  • Modules, services and the dependency injection mechanism
  • Creating custom providers
  • Single-page apps, using the AngularJS routing framework
  • Communicating with the backend using the $http and $resource services
  • Unit-testing with AngularJS
  • Animations 

Day 3

The last day covers the most advanced aspect of AngularJS, namely directives:

  • Basic introduction to directives
  • When (and when not) to use directives
  • Understanding the AngularJS services which are typically used by directives: $compile, $parse, $interpolate
  • Template compilation, compile and link phase
  • Use of Scope in connection with the directives
  • Implementation of directive controllers and how a directive may expose an API
  • Transclusion
  • Typical "design patterns" related to directives
  • Testing of directives

The course is hands-on. Students must bring their own laptop. You can choose to attend only one, two days of your choice or to attend the three.


  • Solid understanding of JavaScript and HTML
  • Basic understanding of JQuery