VocTech Showcase

Event Info

Wed 28 Sep, 2016 from 5:30pm - 9:00pm
Coin Street Conference Centre
108 Stamford Street, South Bank
London, SE1 9NH, UK
Cost: Free


The VocTech Showcase is a technology exhibition and networking event in central London. We will be demonstrating the innovative digital learning projects funded via last year's #VocTech funding round, and introducing upcoming funding opportunities.

Last year, Ufi launched its first round of VocTech challenge funding and awarded funding to 15 innovative projects to develop digital learning products to improve adult vocational skills. We were looking for imaginative projects with good ideas for new products and services which could make a real difference to adult learning. 

One year on, we are celebrating the achievements of those 15 projects as they demonstrate how far they have come and the waves they are starting to make in the world of adult learning. This is your opportunity to come and meet the creators and see them showcase their digital learning solutions. Come and see how:

  • Linguistics, big data and machine learning are improving how people interact at work 
  • Science apprentices can see and explore the nanoscopic molecular world
  • Badge projects are incentivising students and employers at a hyper local level

There will also be an opportunity to network with industry partners, investors, learning providers and thought leaders in the world of vocational learning. Ufi will also be talking about upcoming funding rounds. 

More information here.