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Subject: Re: FLASH: VRLX issue 2
From: Jefferis
Date: Sun, 29 Aug 1999 20:08:02 +0100

On Sun, 29 Aug 1999 07:51:09 +1000, Chris Howell <chrisathyro [dot] com> wrote:

>Hi Jeff,
>or if you would like to jump straight in http:www.vrlx.net
>On Sat, 28 Aug 1999 17:53:50 +1000, Chris Howell <chrisathyro [dot] com> wrote:

Hi Chris,

I had seen the site. In fact I was demo-ing for a sales lady in my
office to show her the capabilities of Flash, so she could sell my web
services [ I was showing her my incomplete stuff and just picked one of
my book marked sites. I don't notice it as being too different from the
last years model. More features or sites?

One remark she made was, "any way to turn off the music? It gets annoying
after a while." I did n't notice it as a problem, but she is of a
younger age. Overall, it just is a great site for travel/vacations. The
QT is pretty neat.

What is ipix? My browser stumbled on it?



Would you be willing to email me privately about how much you charge for
your site, did you do the QT movies inhouse our hire out? One of my
clients is an architect. I've done some work for him on
apartment/rentals, but I would like to show off his architecture with a
walk through... and I've shown him some sites. And if he is interested in
the next step, I need to have some ball park figures. I have a friend
who has a recording studio for small film, advertising, and local TV.
Set up with a digital cam and conversion to QT VR is not his expertise...

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jeffatpetersonsales [dot] net

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