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Subject: RE: FLASH: problems with flash 4.0a on mac reading pc .fla files and other mac flash woes...
From: diana jeon
Date: Thu, 31 Aug 2000 02:50:35 +0100

hi jason,
there are no copies of flash 5 in our lab. we are running 4 on the pcs and
4.0a on the macs. 10 of each platform. Any additional ideas?
thanks again from anyone who may be able to help figure this out.

> From: Jason Bouwmeester <jasonatintervisual [dot] com>
>> From what I have experienced, Flash 5 files are NOT able to be opened in
> Flash 4. Upgrade them both to Flash 5 and you shouldn't have any problems.
> HTH,
> jb
> - -----Original Message-----
> i work in a new media arts lab helping students with the applications. we
> recently wiped the systems and reinstalled all of our apps before the
> beginning of the fall semester. since we did, we are having lots of
> problems with flash. below is an excerpt from an email written to me by the
> head of the new media program about the specific problems we are having.
> can anyone help with this? we had no problems with the one g4 we had
> upgraded to 4.0a last semster, but now it seems not to work. we have tested
> for extension conflicts already, and that doesn't seem to be the problem.
>> not sure i want the upgrade (flash 5)......the 4.0a on the MACs wont read
> my
>> PC
>> generated files, wont spin objects and is generally buggy. Help!!! Would
>> you please reinstall the 4.0 before my class loses their minds?
> thanks for any help you can provide.
> diana jeon

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