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Subject: Re: FLASH: problems with flash 4.0a on mac reading pc .fla files and other mac flash woes...
From: diana jeon
Date: Thu, 31 Aug 2000 03:02:38 +0100

> From: moo <flashatmimieux [dot] com>
> i don't quite understand what the problem is specifically- pc files on a
> mac for the most part can't be opened by double-clicking. in some cases, you
> can open them by doing file>open

yes, the latter is what they are doing.
> there is an app out there called flash FLA typer and flash SWF typer that
> attached flash files to flash instead of whatever- quicktime in my case. i
> don't remember which of the many resource website i d/l from but if you
> email offlist i'll zip it to you.

yes, i have this and use it personally, but cannot install it on the lab
machines. (don't ask...)
> don't get me started on a rant ---> new media dept head. i got a out of
> university a year ago- the dept head wouldn't buy flash because he said they
> already had director6 and flash was redundant. (oh, and they wouldn't
> upgrade to dir6.5- and Qt 3 was out -but that's another story...)
> i ended up buying it myself and within 2 months half the multimedia class
> was using and buying flash3. to not buy flash 5 just because he/she can't
> open a file is downright stoopid. he must be tenured.

no need to rant. she is *totally cool* and we have director 8, after
effects 4.1, media cleaner pro 4, maya, and pretty much everything else you
could want (except flash 5, which we qualify for a free upgrade on, but she
won't upgrade it the 4 doesn't work right!) yes, she is tenured and it was a
good move. she is an excellent instructor whose students come out knowing
the apps and getting good jobs (the really import things!) the problem is
not her, but the actual situation of things not working where they used to
work with just flash 4. (only one machine had 4.0a until recently).

so can anyone tell me what might be causing the problems we are having that
i wrote about in the previous mail? it is a total mystery to me. i find
4.0a to be totally stable on my beige av g3 at home. it has never even
crashed once, so i just cannot fathom why it will not do simple things like
spinning symbols. i would almost guess user error, but for it to be
happening on multiple machines (and this particular class is the most
experieinced students) means something else is going on.

thanks lots,
diana jeon

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