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Subject: Re: FLASH: Anyone?
From: stickman
Date: Wed, 23 Dec 1998 09:48:28 GMT

Hi Brett

stickman is not a flsher yet:
(tho somewhat experienced streaking)

> Did anyone look at my site for criticism? If they did was it so
>bad that noone wanted to comment? the site is
>http://www.musicianxpress.com/ Thanks for anyone who responds...
>Brett Roberts

I really like the ideas that are coming up, <on-line guitar lessons!>

stickman thinks the menu is based on html principles, doesn't use flash to
its advantage
think of an unfolding menu, or one that can be tucked away. Think of using
the music and the musical instrument as a navigational metaphor.
buttons could be keys or strings, stickman imagines vibrating string effect

repeat: stickman unqualified to comment on script (devoting the holiday
season to it - I'm the unfortunate that banked on VRML instead of Flash) so
i restrict my comment to general design approach


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  FLASH: Anyone?, Brett Roberts

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