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Subject: Re: FLASH: RE: Mike who?
From: David Gary
Date: Wed, 23 Dec 1998 16:44:22 GMT

"Perrone, Micheal" wrote:

> Russell,
> Its funny YOU should ask. I think I actually sent
> MBT a resume last year while shuffling for a summer job.
> To think a could have solved your morph problem just last week!
> I'm orginally from Chicago. Sometimes companies look for
> talent and not just experience.

Ive never seen true "talent" without experience in _any_ art form.
The word "talent" itself is overated. Ive seen great artwork
painted on a t-shirt and sold for a mere couple of bucks. Ive also seen
wipe their ass on prepared canvas and sell it for hundreds of thousands.
Talent comes from experience. Companies look for talent from experienced

>Bringing the development in-house
>allows for closer relations with the marketing department

> and a much better feel for the company your trying to brand.
> While Pepsiworld will still remain Needham's account, this one man
> team will do just what you said, reduce spending on a medium PepsiCo is
> unsure just exactly how to use. I will launch these sites by tweaking the
> graphics
> done by Pepsi's Graphics Department...maintaining them
> is another issue.

Mike, I believe the responses to your post derive from experience in the
graphics field. Ive never seen a case where an art director needed his art
graphic's "tweaked" by an outside source. Ive have however seen ad agencies
hire freelance artists when their client is looking for a particular style.

> I'll be showcasing my work as time passes on.

Please do, Im curious to see your work. With your prior posts, I thought
you might already have plenty to show. I saw your site for the small pub/eatery.
Nice simple design
and easy navigation, I would still like to see any "Flash" work you've done. If
Pepsico and the other
huge marketing giants you mention are interested in you, you must be good.

I think you can understand the reason for some of the responses you've gotten.
How many times have we seen, "Hire me, Im an experienced artist/web designer
that knows HTML,
Java, JS, Photoshop, Premier, 3DMAX, Dir, bla, bla, bla,....with absolutely NO
work to show for
it clogging up the job opportunity NGs? -8>)

The web is a wonderful advertising tool for the people who can't afford high end
advertising campaigns,
but no matter how effectively they try to promote themselves, it will never
"make" them a professional in a particular field.
That only comes from _experience_.

This, of course, is my professional opinion.


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  RE: FLASH: RE: Mike who?, Perrone, Micheal

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