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Subject: FLASH: animated button despair
From: Larry & Paula Eisenstein
Date: Thu, 24 Dec 1998 04:52:31 GMT

Hi. This is my first post here but I am sure it looks and sounds like many
previous despairing cries from the newbie ward. I can't get my animated
button to work. Am I tutorial challenged or just another real paper-real pencil
Illustrator with Flasher wannabe delusions.

The linear animating has gone fine, but alas I am no man of actions.

I have a movie clip symbol with a rollover-rollout animation and an MC
symbol with an on-release animation and a finally a button symbol. I put
a graphic symbol of the first frame image from the rollover animation in
the button's Up keyframe and I placed the 2 MC's in the over and down
keyframes respectively.

I tried putting stop actions on a separate timeline layer in the
rollover MC. A stop action in the first frame and one in the frame of
the same clip where the rollout animation begins, followed by a "goto
and stop at frame 1" action at the end of the clip. I tried the results
with and without these actions.

All my button does is jerk on rollover. With buttons and frame actions
enabled I can see the play arrow move when I rollover it in Test Movie.
The onrelese clip plays only when I press the mouse button down but only
plays the complete clip if I hold the button down.

I also tried programming the rollover, rollout and onrelease actions in
the instance of the completed button in a separate movie with just the
button in it in a keyframe.

Hanukah is over but I would take any generous Christmas offerings. Thank
you all in advance and Happy Holidays.

Larry Eisenstein
leisenstatwwonline [dot] com

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  Re: FLASH: animated button despair, Marc Hoffman

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