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Subject: Re: FLASH: com see my newborn flash baby
From: mingo
Date: Sun, 27 Dec 1998 14:34:58 GMT

Hi John Bastin, (there're quite a lot of "John" here, that's why I address
your full name, hope you don't mind.)

>I liked your effort, but one thing i think you should seriously consider
>is consulting an editor with regards to text. Text, i grant, is
>certainly not the primary focus of a flash presentation, but it is
>highly important with respect to the overall impression created. I'm
>talking about basic grammar and punctuation, as well as
>syntax/semantics. Give me a shout if you think you'd like some work done
>in this area, as it happens to be my specialty.

Ya...its very embarassing..my friends told me about my grammar mistakes
too after visiting my site....and I've no time to correct them at that time
cos i'm going for a holiday. Just came back tonite...I shall do the correction

Thanks for your sincere comments. I would certainly be happy if you could
give me more advise on this.



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