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Subject: ADMIN: Digest Mode
From: Sam Michel
Date: Thu, 12 Feb 1998 01:55:42 GMT

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Date: Thu, 12 Feb 1998 01:50:53 +0000
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From: Sam Michel <samatwebmedia [dot] com>
Subject: ADMIN: Digest Mode
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Evening/morning all (dependent on your timezone)

Just a quick word as I've had quite a few people ask me what's going on
with digests.

Basically the old list server software didn't save the subscription file in
any useful format, so when the subscription list was ported to the new
software the settings weren't preserved. If you were on the digest mode,
apologies you're going to have to either unsubscribe from the list and
resubscribed appending -digest to end i.e. if I wanted to switch from
flasher to digest mode, I'd send the following email to
list-manageratshocker [dot] com

unsubscribe flasher samatchinwag [dot] com
subscribe flasher-digest samatchinwag [dot] com

If you need help or would like me to make the switch for you, drop an email
to owneratchinwag [dot] com although it is likely to take a while with the volume
of email at the moment.

Apologies for the duplication if you're on the shockwave list too.

Toodle Pip

Webmedia Group, 21 Noel St, London, W1V 3RD
T: 0171 494 0812 F: 0171 434 1304 E: samatwebmedia [dot] com
ICQ Pager: 4561042
Webmedia: http://www.webmedia.com
ShockeR: http://www.shocker.com

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