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Subject: FLA size
From: Jose Savio Ponte
Date: Thu, 12 Feb 1998 18:05:46 GMT

Hi, flashers
It's so good to have it back. I've missed this list.
Well, new doubts...

Please someone explain this:

I've created a new file at Flash. I made some symbols, some
twennings and saved the file. No imported files. I have a 5kB fla file
OK, then I created a new layer and imported a bmp file (4kB).
New save. Now I have 13kB in my fla.
Let's say I don't want to use this bmp anymore. What have I
done? I deleted the layer, and the bitmap component existing in the
library. Saved again... and... the file have now 8kB.
Why can't I have my 5kB file back?
I'm not sure if this happens with other elements, but I believe
it does. Seems like some residual size remains in the file.
I'm making other animation, and, of course, when I get some
error, I delete and recreate some symbol, or reimport some bitmap I
change, well, I'm at work on the movie. Then I tried to rebuild it in a
new flash movie by copying and pasting the elements without the
tweenings. The tweenings I made in this new movie. You want to know the
results? First movie is 42kB. Second movie is 22kB. No doubled symbols
or imports. Same number of layers, frames and tweenings.

Am I missing something really basic? You can try it for yourself
and see what's going on.


> Savio
> savioatcompugraf [dot] com [dot] br
> http://www.excelclic.com.br

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