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Subject: FLASH: FTP Site 3d cube upload . . .
From: Daniel Votino
Date: Fri, 19 Feb 1999 12:50:07 GMT

>>Hi. So much for being a hero(ine) with my first post! <grin> I can
>>certainly see your point, tho. They don't have the "prevent import"
>>set, either, although looking at everything all slammed into one layer
>>certainly doesn't help MY understanding of Flash! Is the consensus >>to
take it off? I think we will have to ask Daniel to do that.

This is Daniel & Im catching up on my 50 some flasher emails.
Just a reminder, the "read me first" txt file posted at the FTP site reads:

"Files here should be considered by the up-loader "public domain" and to the
down-loader, for educational purposes. In other words, This site is NOT for
leeching other people's fine artistry and hard work."

I think we all agree it would sure be nice sometimes to see how people did
their stuff but we should not expose the artistry of others to the above
stipulations without their consent.

Perhaps someone could email me soon with the names of the files that need to
be removed. Thank you.

I am still open to thoughts on how to better manage the ftp as well.
I am noticing that badly labeled files will become a mess real quickly.
Please view the read me file before using folks.

Thank you,


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