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Subject: Re: FLASH: cartoons on the web
From: Jeremy Pinkham
Date: Wed, 24 Feb 1999 16:58:15 GMT


Regarding http://www.cartoonnetwork.com/wpt/index.html , you wrote:

" ... the good news is that animation studios are looking at Flash as a
way to create animations faster that using traditional cell animation
with the idea to output to TV since Flash can do that. We output our
animations to tape and it looks awesome on a tv monitor. So if you have
talent to animate, think about it."

Very cool stuff. I have been a fan of Mark Newgarden's for quite some
time, and have followed Gary Panter's work since before the Pee Wee's
Playhouse days. These guys are very unique talents, and it's good to
see them in control.

So, when you say "if you have the talent to animate, think about it,"
what exactly do you mean? Are you suggesting that folks come work for
your firm doing Flash animation for animation studios (i.e., are you
folks in need of animators?), or were you speaking more generally about
potential for the medium for other Flashers to secure deals with
animation studios?

If you're at liberty to discuss, how long are these serials anticipated
to last (i.e., how many episodes)? Will Panter and Newgarden continue
to write 'em?

Finally, I have to respectfully disagree with you on a matter of taste:

>View Pink Donkey first. It is much more fun than BHappy.

I thought "B Happy" was much funnier, and more substantial! It reminded
me of some of my favorite moments of Jay Ward's "Rocky and Bullwinkle."
There's no arguing about taste, however! Both are quite accomplished,
and I admire them both. Fantastic work!

Thank you very much for the alert on this important new site.

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