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Subject: FLASH: IE problems on Mac & Win platforms
From: DSG
Date: Thu, 24 Feb 2000 18:05:21 GMT

Hi Everyone,

I'm new to flash, but have been thrusted head first into a project.
Everything looks really good in the Mac Netscape Browsers (I'm
developing on a Mac w/Flash4a) but I'm running into problems on the Mac
IE4.5 and Win IE5 browsers. I had the url problem, but the recent post
on that fixed that up... my other two issues are:

(all problems are fine in Communicator, it's IE on both platforms that's
goofing up)

1) Go to and Play(variable) is not working. The play head just
continues on linearly, ignoring the jump.
ex: On (Release)
Set Variable: "go" = 265
go to Next Frame
End On

The next frame plays a short animation then hits a frame that calls:
Go to and Play(go)

Which jumps to frame 265 in Comm... but just goes to the next frame in IE.

2) I have a script on a button that tells another image in another layer
on the page to make itself visible on rollover or invisible on rollout..
again, Comm is fine, IE isn't. The image is in another layer and not in
the 4 state button itself as it appears in front of an image the button
is slightly behind. I hope that makes sense.

Also.. is there a searchable archive for this list like The Direct-L
list has?

I apologize if some of the answers are in the manuals... as I've order
online, I'm still waiting for them to arrive.



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