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Subject: Re: FLASH: whatever happened to the promissed SDK
From: David Mendels
Date: Thu, 24 Feb 2000 21:08:37 GMT


Let me clarify a few things:

>-- The additions in the SWF 4 file format aren't publicly documented yet,
>but I'm told they should be pushed live "soon"

This will be called the Flash File Format SDK. It will be available soon.

>-- The Macromedia Flash Player software developers kit is a different
>thing entirely (think of the file format spec vs the player code spec), and
>the news announcement describes this as freely available only to strategic
>partners such as browser or device developers. (ie, the announcement does
>not say this will be publicly published... it says the Player SDK remain

Actually, the Flash Player Source SDK can be licensed by anyone willing to
agree to the license terms. This will be posted on our web site
soon. This SDK is licensable for no $ charge, but there are some
restrictions on the license--it is not an open source program, and the
primary objective is to enable licensees to port the Flash player to a
wider range of software and hardware environments. You will be able to
read the license program and judge for yourself as soon as it is up on the

And again, we are late on both of the above and apologize for that. We are
very excited about finally releasing these, and we know there are many
folks eagerly awaiting them.


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  Re: FLASH: whatever happened to the prom, John Dowdell

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