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Subject: Re: FLASH: John Croteau's Book ???
From: Rick Koch
Date: Thu, 24 Feb 2000 23:12:11 GMT


First, I responded to you off list to keep comments private. I don't
appreciate your re-posting my message to the entire list.

Second, I have no relationship with John Croteau whatsoever. I wish I
did, then perhaps I'd have a leg up in becoming fluent in actionscript.

Third, I suspect John is very busy, much like the rest of us, and the
books will come in time. I am willing to wait for it. If you are not,
then I recommend purchasing it elsewhere. Your credit card is not being
charged for the book so no loss there.

Finally, I am as disappointed as you all are about not receiving it in a
timely manner. If there were anything I could do about it, I would. I'm
guessing John is quite embarrassed about this snafu which is probably
beyond his control as well. Perhaps that's partly why he's been absent
from the list.

I'm looking forward to the Flash 4 Bible, however. Now, if I could just
get Amazon off the dime on that one!!

Rick K.

"Michael J. Weldon" wrote:
> Rick, Carla, Douglas, and 2Nerotik,
> Thanks for each of your prompt replies regarding my inquiry on the John
> Croteau "Missing-In-Action" book. It appears that something more then has
> gone horribly awry inasmuch as none of us have received it yet. I suspect
> there are others, besides us, that haven't received it as well.
> Rick, it appears you have a much closer relationship to Mr. Croteau than the
> rest of us, given your mentioned recent telephone exchange with him. Would

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  RE: FLASH: John Croteau's Book ???, Michael J. Weldon

  RE: FLASH: John Croteau's Book ???, Michael J. Weldon

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