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Subject: FLASH: Hello! :o)
From: Neil O' Rourke
Date: Fri, 29 Jan 1999 01:16:41 GMT

Hey All!

I'm new to this list and I'm finding it very interesting. I've been working in
Flash now for only a month, I started building a site with the time trial and
then went out and bought the full product because I was so impressed (and also
cos I HAD to finish the site once I'd started!)

The site is being created for a Depression forum on Delphi, URL is

I'm learning the program as I go along so please have a look at the site and
tell me what you think so far! As this is a work in progress these are the
things I've still to get to, I will list these here just so I don't end up
looking like a complete dunce! ;o)

The first one was the realisation that I'll have to catch up on Java to make my
browser test thing look better... I just need to get a script that'll open it in
a small window in the centre of the screen. If anyone has a Javascript I could
'borrow' it'd save me a headache!

Everything after the home page hasn't been optimized yet (especially the poetry
section *cringe*) so please ignore the state of them for the moment! ;o)

Besides that it's just to see if the loading animation works okay. I have it set
to have a loading bar without using javascript for percentages, basically
because I can't do java yet. Please tell me how it performs as I won't get to
test it until tomorrow!

Thanks a million! :o)

Dublin, Ireland

P.S. Sorry for writing such a long mail!

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