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Subject: Re: UKNM: Funmail - The 'Big Yellow Envelope' Theory
From: Jason Dale
Date: Thu, 5 Aug 1999 17:20:41 +0100

>>Of course it doesn't guarantee you a win, but if your address ends up being
within the field of vision it certainly has the potential to give you an
edge over the other 50 or so other email addresses on the screen (thus the
name of the 'Big Yellow Envelope' theory).

>>We've had a couple of wins through a certain gaming site that shall remain
nameless, so I'm pretty sure they use this system - but was curious to know
if this really is the industry standard. If so, I can get on with some
serious experimentation (and maybe win a car or two).

It's not something we've ever come across - and we have a lot of information
from a fair number of web competition winners........

To be honest though the industry standard should be such that the picking
process is entirely random although more aimed at magazines the following from
http://www.ppa.co.uk/comp/ should apply

"Arrangements should be made to ensure that the draw is totally at
random. The drawing person should not be able to identify the entries while
selecting the winner(s).

An independent trustworthy witness should oversee the draw."


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  Re: UKNM: Funmail - The 'Big Yellow Enve, Tim Ireland

  UKNM: Funmail - The 'Big Yellow Envelope, Tim Ireland

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