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Subject: No Subject
From: Chinwag
Date: Fri, 6 Aug 1999 15:00:23 +0100

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Subject 24_tax_on_digital_TV?
Date Fri, 6 Aug 1999 112215 +0100
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Plans for the new digital TV tax and BBC subsidy have now been
formalised and it looks like users will have to pay 24 for the
privilege of owning a digital TV or box. The money will presumably be
used to pay the BBC to set up lots of committees, employ legions of
secretaries and clerks, and have lots of expensive lunches. Any dosh
left over will be parcelled up and sent out to their old-school chums
and former employees to produce half-arsed sit-coms for digitised
suburban consumption.

Back to the real world, Sky and On are competing for the commercial
digital TV space to the ultimate benefit of the consumer, who is already
able to get free hardware (subsidised by content charges, of course).
Unfortunately for Sky and On (and the consumer), neither operator gets
any bung from the 24 which will act as a disincentive to digital
uptake, an unfair tax on both operators, and a big bonus to Auntie's
time servers.

The BBC (god bless their cotton socks) is a fine British institution,
one of the few things us Brits can still boast about, has done some good
stuff in the past, helped us to win two world wars, set the standard for
quality TV worldwide (though still surpassed by the likes of Granada who
did it without government hand-outs), and you have to love them to bits,
etc., etc.

But, like the Royal Family, the BBC has had it's day, is a dying
institution, and should be put out of its misery pronto. So let's have a
big fanfare and three cheers for these two great British institutions,
stuff them, and put them in a museum dedicated to the 20th Century.

Oh, and while we are at it - no tax on digital TV!

Ray Taylor
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