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Subject: UKNM: A Web site that really works...1800flowers.com
From: Leslie Bunder
Date: Tue, 22 Dec 1998 17:24:23 GMT

Anyone else try 1800flowers.com apart from the fact that it has an
excellent ordering system, you can go online and into a live chat with
a customer services person.

Excellent way to deal with "where is my order" instead of phoning them
up or even sending an e-mail, as you chat live and they answer straight

Sure beats sending an e-mail and waiting ages for someone to get back to

They seem to have got the idea of electronic customer services well and
truly worked out.

Leslie Bunder, technology writer
Teletext on the Web
e-mail: LBunderatteletext [dot] co [dot] uk
tel: 0171 386 3667 (UK) +44 171 386 3667 (outside UK)
mobile: 07010 701967 (UK) +44 7010 701967 (outside UK)
web: www.teletext.co.uk
post: 101 Farm Lane, Fulham, London SW6 1QJ, UK

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