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Subject: Re: Re: UKNM: Targetted Email Capaigns.
From: Ray Taylor
Date: Sat, 4 Dec 1999 01:12:36 GMT

<benatdeepend [dot] it> said:

> I would agree on this, spam is spam, however polite you make it. Having
said that, in an ideal
> world, the only unsolicited email you would receive would be from
companies whose
> products you are interested in. As this is the dream of 1 to 1 marketers,
maybe this is just a
> stage...

Well, if you want a certain kind of email promotion, why not request it?
Plenty of people request direct mail promotional offers, and plenty more
apply for the kind of offers that guarantee they will get on lists.

So why has nobody yet done this (in the UK at least)? It would be dead
simple. If there was a service called "Send Me Whisky Offers," by which you
could add your name to a list that sent out occasional mail-order offers on
malt brands, I would subscribe, as long as it were done by a reliable
supplier and they did it responsibly (eg automatic and immediate
unsubscribe). Would be much more useful than the crummy Daily Telegraph Wine
Club mailshot that I put straight in the bin every time it arrives (and
much, much cheaper for the promoters).

A list broker could then build up and mine a database of subscribers, with
subscribers choosing their interests. If the service went OTT with emails,
then users would vote with their feet. The service could be used to mail out
coupons, promote special offers, and generally keep people in touch.

Anyone fancy setting something like this up, let me know.

Ray Taylor

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  re: Re: UKNM: Targetted Email Capaigns., ben

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