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Subject: UKNM: ecommerce Xmas wet dream or nightmare?
From: Sam Michel
Date: Tue, 7 Dec 1999 19:47:36 GMT

So, I want to order a laptop (forgetting about the fact that it's coming up
to Xmas - far too much to do to worry about presents until the week before
Xmas), I do it online from Dell UK.

Reliable outfit, I think, good record of build-to-order machines and my
friends who have their kit tell me they work well. I order, cough up the
dough and sit back and wait. After 5 days I think, hmmm...I'll see whether
it's built yet, their online order system will tell me.

Gong! 'fraid not. According to their helpful support staff, they're
experiencing "a bit of a glitch". OK, fair enough so how long will it be?
They tell me a couple more days...

So, 5 days later I call them up, I have to leave a message but they kindly
return my call, which to my chagrin I miss, to tell me it'll be another 7
days before the machine arrives. When I do finally speak to a warm (I
assume) blooded being on the other end of the phone, they tell me "we've had
too many orders"...

Now, I narked, it's taken 3 weeks...so much for the convenience of online
ordering...victims of their own success?

What really gets me though is that this is Dell, in terms of ecommerce
ordering and fulfilment, they're old hands, they've done this a million
(probably) times before. If they can't get it right and I assume they have
invested heavily in infrastructure, what chance to do the myriad of
start-ups with little or no (or outsourced) fulfilment services have?

I suspect the New Year is going to be a fairly uncomfortable time for all
those companies who advertised like crazy to boost pre-Xmas sales...won't be
much fun for the credit card companies either...maybe I just need to lie
down for a while...

Toodle Pip


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  Re: UKNM: ecommerce Xmas wet dream or ni, Jonathan Lumb

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