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Subject: Re: UKNM: Students net 10 million
From: Dee Edwards
Date: Wed, 26 Jan 2000 19:55:02 GMT

Is this a joke?!? Or did BBC News link to the wrong

To start with I was quite surprised that they only had
20,000 users a week, considering that the student
market is one with extremely high Internet
penetration. Then I went to the home page (Flash) - do
university CS depts allow users to install software on
the public access machines? This, combined with
Nottingham being the only live section, probably
explains the 20,000.

Most of the site is information, I looked for the
'guide to accommodation, going out, shopping and
college courses', then realised that 'guide' should be
used in the loosest possible sense. I can't see much
value to the average student that you don't get in a
booklet from the Student Union on your first day.
There's no clever use of community, business model or
anything really.

Some American businessmen got fleeced, but hey isn't
Nottingham the place with five times as many women as
men? But fair play, 10 million at 22, they can spend
the money on doing something that really uses digital
media to make a difference. But somehow I doubt it


--- Jo Chipchase <joatcan-u-hack-it [dot] com> wrote:
> Robin Edwards wrote:
> >
> >Please tell me I am dreaming this.
> Blimey. Their company is actually breaking even.
> But... after reading the article, what I want to
> know is: when on earth do
> students ever use the words "digs" !?
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  Re: UKNM: Students net 10 million, Phil Gyford

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