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Subject: RE: UKNM: Now that's service..
From: Steve Gooder
Date: Sat, 29 Jan 2000 18:56:08 GMT

1) it wants name, email and location before you enter the site. forcing me
to give out personal information isn't a great way to welcome a customer.

2) your order took a week to arrive.

3) they sent the wrong size.

4) you had to give them your address again.

it's no horror story, but wouldn't "Now that's acceptable, but
unremarkable.." be a more applicable subject line?


steve gooder
steveatsgooder [dot] com

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Subject: UKNM: Now that's service..

I know we've discussed the customer service angle of
shops online many a time before but you can never get
enough of good experinces in my opinion.

This time it's about Wagamama.com. Never mind the fact
that their web site gave all the information I needed
when planning a meal out, but I decided to order one
of their special edition T-shirts whilst I was there.

This was delivered a week later (OK, would have been
nice if it was a few days but...). The size on the
package was right but the actual size wrong.

A quick email to from the Web site and 50 minutes
later I receive this:

>Hi Ed
>Ooops! Sorry for mistake. We will send you the
>correct t-shirt first thing tomorrow. Please feel
>free to keep the 's' t-shirt as well if you
>want. To ensure fast delivery, could you email me
>your address?

Nice, very nice!

Dan: I'll take a look and see if it's listed on
UKShopSearch and fill out a forum post :o)

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  UKNM: Now that's service.., Ed Follows

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