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Subject: The oldest trick in the book.
From: Jenny Crook
Date: Fri, 19 Jan 2001 15:19:00 -0000

Dear All,

I've had an employment agency ring up this week posing as a rep from a
Building Society. Following a brief discussion about e-commerce and our
companies involvement in the aforementioned field she invited me and some of
my developers to attend a conference they were hosting in the region. She
took down some details and the names of staff members who may be interested.
Minutes later she comes through from the switch board again making private
phone calls to each one of the developers in turn, offering them jobs! The
Cheek! Fortunately loyal staff members were happy to divulge the info.
Resisting the initial temptation to ring her back I thought I would beg the
advice of other group members in the manor of my retaliation (if any).
Otherwise just a warning to watch out for yet another cheap recruitment
trick (apologies to any respectable agencies out there!).

Best Regards


Jenny Crook
Web Development Manager
Seamless Marketing and Communications Ltd.
Tel: 0113 2572729
"Natural Creativity Gets You Noticed"

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