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Subject: RE: [uk-netmarketing] The Rules
From: Robin Edwards
Date: Thu, 25 Jan 2001 08:44:04 -0000

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> From: Mat Morrison [Mat [dot] Morrisonattribalddb-eu [dot] com (mailto:Mat [dot] Morrisonattribalddb-eu [dot] com)]

> If you want to sell it, it should fit through the letterbox

Certainly helps. Just make sure you bleat about it to the punters.

> Take the product to the customer, don't bring the customer to the product

Except a customer coming to your product should be more likely to buy

> Frames restrict access

Not convinced. Badly created frames sites will restrict access.

> All splash screens are evil

Depends on the context. If it helps to make the sale by exciting the
customer then it is worth it, especially for a product that they don't know
anything about (a new model of car, for example). Eye candy and ego
enhancing intros don't fit into this.

> What counts is traffic through your server, not traffic through your web
> site.


> A website is just one way of letting people play with your information.

Absolutely. Multi-channel, if done properly and cohesively, will win.

> Interactive games aren't.

Don't agree. Same old argument about Flash/Javascript/JAVA/Shockwave blah
blah. Bad implementations lead to bad results. BTW, how many games are

> The online equivalent of space is time. Don't waste people's time.

For shopping sites, sure. For entertainment sites - is entertainment wasting
people's time? Some would probably argue yes. I wouldn't.


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